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Carbon Fiber AMG Rear Bumper for Mercedes W463A G-Class

Carbon Fiber AMG Rear Bumper for Mercedes W463A G-Class

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This carbon fiber AMG rear bumper for the Mercedes W463A G-Class provides unbeatable performance and superior levels of protection. Its lightweight construction and reinforced design ensure lasting durability, while its sleek, aerodynamic finish lends a stylish aesthetic. You can be sure that this rear bumper will provide superior protection and performance for your G-Class.

Core Traits:

- Crafted from top-notch twill weave carbon fiber material.
- Simplified installation process.
- Equipped with a transparent layer of UV-protective coating to prevent sun fading.
- Guarantees an impeccable fit.
- We provide worldwide shipping options.
- Items currently available will be dispatched within 1-3 business days, while items not in stock typically require a handling time of approximately 10-14 days.

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